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When I was four or five, I had this microphone, tape recorder, and a red cassette of the Three Little Pigs, if I remember right.  One side of the tape had the story while the other side was left blank--an invitation to record your own epic tale.

I couldn't resist.  And I still cringe every time I think about it.  While I don't remember my first masterpiece, I think it had something to do with a cat, a bird, and another bird.  When my sister played it years later to torment me, (yes, my family kept that cursed tape) I didn't let it get past the first fifteen seconds.

But that was the first story I made up, so it should have a place in my heart, right?

I spent my next years improving my craft and reading loads of YA books.  I was lucky to have a good library nearby that had new books out every single week.  Living in the boonies meant  entertaining myself by writing stories.  While I'd never let those old ones see the light of day now, I'm still going today. And yes, I still read YA books.

Join me as we discuss great young adult fiction!  And if you find content you enjoy here, check out my books as well!

--Holly Hook 

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