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...it's a lot of work running my writing business full time!  I've just completed my second week and let me tell you, there is no shortage of things to get done.  Much of this is due to the fact that I'm finally able to get around to the things I wasn't able to before, like designing my website and moving my mailing list over to this new provider (which hopefully will not send people blank emails and readers' replies to email accounts I rarely check.)  And I'm able to answer emails every day!  I'm left wondering how I ever managed to write at all while driving to an 11-hour day job 40 miles from my house.

The brain fog has cleared, that's for sure.  And my cats sure love the fact that I'm home.  (Ever have two cats lie on your chest at once?)

Overall, it's been great, except for the compromise that I'll have to be on a tight budget for at least a little while to make this work.  

Oh, and there was this:

ME: Good thing I'm getting out of this commuting thing because my car's getting really old and I like not having a car payment right now.

CAR: Really?  So you put in your notice one week ago?

ME: Yes.  I have one more week and then, no more commuting!

CAR: I'm going to die now.

(Motor blows up.)

In short, the problem wasn't worth fixing so it meant a new (well, used) car.  If you ever want to try writing full time, make sure you have a LOT of money saved (thankfully, I did) because something stupid is almost guaranteed to happen sooner or later.
ASIDE: Anyway, while I'm on the point of my new schedule, I'd like to announce that I now have the time and ability to begin my new pen name for romance!  I will only mention this here once in a great while since this is a YA newsletter, but if you like romance, I have just started a fresh newsletter mailing list for my new pen name.  I will also be recruiting a Reviewers Team for Romance very soon, which I will do through the new newsletter.  This will be contemporary romance with some adult situations so these will definitely not be YA reads.  If you're interested in my upcoming Romance reads or reviewing, the sign up page is below: